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[audio]Wialenove - Sirens From The Sea - Wialenove
It's very sensory work. It makes listener to sense a sound in the noise, to feel a rhythm in this chaos. To forget rules. To destroy rules and to create a new rule consisting of destroying all other rules. Close a loop, repeat it many times, find an equilibrium inside yourself. Reach a resonance, set your feeling free, let the resonanting waves crush, break, dissolve your consciousness. Fall into noise, vanish away in incipient chaos, find the sound in the noise, find the structure in the chaos...
Keywords: DNA Production; Wialenove; Noise
Downloads: 193
[audio]Indo - Nasca Lines - Indo
DNA Production presents Indo new work called "Nasca Lines".Previous release has been created in the vein of Muslim mysticism, and now mystic features are definitely present in the new work but it isn't the same religious mysticism. "Nasca Lines" is mystic and abstract in spirit and in music where atonal loopes and synthetic accords prevail over minimal ambient layers.Artwork by Indo.
Keywords: DNA Production; Indo; Nasca Lines; Ambient; Experimental
Downloads: 145
[audio]Necrasota - Tortures - Necrasota
"Death comes in a moment, in a moment that only faith knows. Death is the moment, the moment is death. Each breath we die, and next breath we are reborn. Each orgasm we die, and so we are reborn. Each sleep is like to die, and the awakening is to be reborn. I'm feeling always in a process, between life and death. I don't feel the passing time. The past doesn't exist; it's only an echo of noise in my mind...
Keywords: DNA Production; Necrasota; Tortures; Noise; Power Electronics
Downloads: 125
[audio]Vorlokh & Ad Serpentae - Split - Vorlokh & Ad Serpentae
This split release between Vorlokh and Ad Serpentae consists of abrasive digital noise and ambient-like noise based on guitar feedbacks.
Keywords: DNA Production; Ad Serpentae; Vorlokh; Split; Noise
Downloads: 74
[audio]Itzli - Sadness - Itzli
"Sadness", the new work from Russian dark ambient project Itzli, shows its obvious creative progress in comparison with first Itzli work released as a part of the split album "Waves From Sick Mind / Blue Bird". Preserving initial strength and gloominess, Itzli considerably improved in composition and emotional tension degree. Musically "Sadness" differs from standard dark ambient because of good and balanced neoclassical inclusions which accentuates individuality of each tracks as well as the al...
Keywords: DNA Production; Itzli; Sadness; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 282
[audio]Epsilon Eridani - Retrospective - Epsilon Eridani
Dark ambient project Epsilon Eridani presents slightly unusual work. It's called "Retrospective" and is the set of the Mexican outfit's best tracks mixed and performed by Juan Pablo Valle, project mastermind. Nine deep and multilayer dark ambient tracks imperceptibly segue into each other creating seamless majestic sound canvas. Field recording experiences mix with touches of religious voice samples as a frame for slowly changed spatial soundscapes...
Keywords: DNA Production; Epsilon Eridani; Retrospective; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 362
[audio]Сreation VI - Apeiros - Сreation VI
Apeiros (Greek word means "infinitely incognizable") is a term Plato used for description of primary matter which is out of principle of the form. Unlike the common matter of the perceived Universe, Apeiros has to contain determinacy principle as it should be the beginning for everything else. But also it means that Apeiros must stay indefinite. Thus here is an actualization of the transcendent into immanent...
Keywords: DNA Production; Сreation VI; Apeiros; Drone Ambient
Downloads: 351
[audio]Error! - DNA Production
DNA Production DNA 23 release
Keywords: noise; dark ambient; DNA Production; GTI; Obozdur
Downloads: 10
[audio]Crepuscular - Chromgneticgnosis (2008) - DNA Production
Moved to DNA Production collection: http://www.archive.org/details/dna_24_crepuscular_chromgneticgnosis
Keywords: DNA Production; Industrial; Dark Ambient; Crepuscular
Downloads: 114
[audio]Obozdur - Memory Part - Obozdur
DNA Production presents another Obozdur's release. It is dedicated to the memory of all russian soldiers who fought to the death against nazi in World War II. In this work Vitaly used samples of russian patriotic song "Alyosha". It's a real story about one russian soldier, a prototype of a memorial to thousands soldiers who freed Bulgaria from nazi occupation. Two anxious and hollow dark ambient canvases describe the ordeals of war fallen on Russia and next generations bitter remembrances...
Keywords: DNA Production; Obozdur; Memory Part; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 139
[audio]Aevum Spiritus - Space - Aevum Spiritus
This work has been inspired by soviet cosmology, Ivan Efremov's books and old kraut rock projects. The album was recorded in 2007-2008. Digital and analogue devices were used in recordings along with exotic instruments like a singing bowl and wall of rain. Musically it's a cold and rough ambient with glitch influence and clear sound.
Keywords: DNA Production; Aevum Spiritus; Space; Ambient; Experimental
Downloads: 171
[audio]Somnium & Alenda - Split - Somnium & Alenda
Here is another work from Italian drone ambient project Somnium, this time in collaboration with Belgian act called Alenda. This split album is an epic more-than-hour release with three monumental drone ambient tracks. Somnium part is traditionally dedicated to exploring various human mental disorders with the instruments of sounds and visual art. In this work sounds dominates as viscid drones of "Dissociazione" brings a listener to weird state of dissociation where human perception comes to dis...
Keywords: DNA Production; Somnium; Alenda; Split; Drone Ambient
Downloads: 363
[audio]Le Futurisme - No Proyecto - Le Futurisme
This album is consists of spontaneously composed soundworks created in 2000-2002. Clear, abstract and 100% electronic sound made a snapshot of author mental state and describes world around him. Originally all these works were short projects created using the method of "compose-listen-forget". But times passed by and new cycles begin. Outer world keeps its state of unsteadiness and transiency… All you see now is a semblance, not reality.....
Keywords: DNA Production; Le Futurisme; No Proyecto; Noise
Downloads: 94
[audio]Kolpakopf - Ab Ovo - Kolpakopf
With new work called "Ab Ovo" prolific Russian dark ambient project Kolpakopf tries to render a whole human life from the very first newborn baby's cry to the requiem mass. In more than 46-minute long piece Kolpakopf finds room for all events - good or bad which could happen in life of a human beings. Crowned with Marcus Aurelius' quotations, "Ab Ovo" is packed with meditative dark ambient composed in usual Kolpakopf reflective manner...
Keywords: DNA Production; Kolpakopf; Ab Ovo; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 112
[audio]Purist - Stillstand - Purist
Deep and tough chords, guitar drones thrown each on other with an overlap. Drones repeated cyclically and inarticulate whisper upon it - in this way Purist new instrumental piece starts. But don't compare "Stillstand" with godlike "Sunn o)))" drone masterpieces or with early works of legendary "Black Sabbath". Yes, there are similar features but when "Stillstand" reaches its middle point, saxophone improvisations cut through drones...
Keywords: DNA Production; Purist; Stillstand; Drone; Experimental
Downloads: 133
[audio]Tennyson Fracture - Tennyson Fracture - Tennyson Fracture
"Tennyson Fracture" was recorded in autumn and winter 2008 in Winterthur, Eisenach & Gotha. Record was mixed and mastered by Seetyca & Artin Mucht.
Keywords: DNA Production; Tennyson Fracture; Seetyca; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 183
[audio]Thelxinoe - Inner Subspace - Thelxinoe
"Inner Subspace" is the first full-length album by Thelxinoe, and it's a honour for DNA Production to release such outstanding debut work. This release continues developing distinct Thelxinoe approach of creating high-quality drone ambient with the stringed and wind instruments involved. There are some slightly Maeror Tri/Troum-influenced moments such as light and a bit psychedelic, sometimes reversed guitar chords - especially in the shorter odd tracks which look like introductions or transitio...
Keywords: DNA Production; Thelxinoe; Inner Subspace; Drone Ambient
Downloads: 387 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Kolpakopf - Plastik - Kolpakopf
"Plastik", next Kolpakopf's work in the line after "Radio Laments" and "Mirrors And Copulations" develops the project's efforts in constructing imaginary worlds where sounds are molecules and melodies are beings. This work looks colder, heavier and a bit lifeless in comparison with previous one. It's plastik per se: monotonous, solid, cold, synthetic, pitiless - another sombre piece from promising Russian project Kolpakopf.
Keywords: DNA Production, Kolpakopf, Plastik, Dark Ambient, Industrial
Downloads: 269
[audio]Kolpakopf - Papora - Kolpakopf
Papora is the alter form for paporotnik, a word which means «fern» in Russian. Fern plays a role in mystic rituals of many pagan traditions. In Slavonic pagan cults fern is considered as a magic plant whose flower provides some important magical skills such as a breaking any locks or an understanding animals’ language. Legends tell that fern blossoms one night in the year (herbalists tell that fern never blossoms at all)...
Keywords: DNA Production; Kolpakopf; Papora; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 48
[audio]Dronny Darko - Asperatus - Dronny Darko
This is purely fictional occurrence, in no way based on reality. This does not happen in this universe or in any other. Neither are these words. Neither are you. There is only silent emptiness. Spreading infinitely in all directions. Asperatus by Dronny Darko.
Keywords: DNA Production; Dronny Darko; Asperatus; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 278
[audio]Accasari - Raya - Accasari
Peter L. of System Morgue presents his new album called "Raya" which goes as debut work from his new project Accasari producing vibrant drone ambient - sometimes calm, sometimes dark and power-emanating. Only guitars with a large number of effects were used in composing all the three tracks "Raya" consists of. Peter L. - guitar, bass, harmonica, sound processing Kol Belov - cover art
Keywords: DNA Production, Accasari, Raya, Drone, Ambient
Downloads: 280
[audio]Nemertis - Reverberanta - Nemertis
Recently featured at split with Creation VI, Belarussian drone/shoegaze project Nemertis now presents their full-length work "Reverberanta". Here Nemertis is remaining on drone side with four track of various length but similar composition where low-frequency drones breathe measuredly behind silver bells of trembling guitar chords.
Keywords: DNA Production; Nemertis; Reverberanta; Drone; Drone Ambient
Downloads: 299
[audio]Accasari - Mare Fungus
Unevenly pulsing guitar chords and monotonous but vibrant drone ambient layers merge in two long pieces presented by Accasari in the new work called "Mare Fungus". Along with mushrooms on the cover, the title comes as straight as provocative. But there is no any traditional psyhedelic features, only resonant drones that eventually develop in big and complex sound tangle where some layers may come in resonance and then cause a deeper immersion in these sound structures...
Keywords: DNA Production; Accasari; Mare Fungus; Drone Ambient
Downloads: 422
[audio]aCAU - Shinchoku Joukyou - aCAU
Experimental project aCAU's debut work was created in a style reminiscent of K.K. Null guitar noise experiments. Despite japanese titles for the album and tracks, aCAU retains its unique creativity. "Shinchoku Joukyou" has softer and distinctive sound and focuses on postindustrial experiments. Artworks for this release were made by aCAU.
Keywords: DNA Production; aCAU; Shinchoku Joukyou; Noise; Experimental
Downloads: 71
[audio]Fosel - Equilibria - Fosel
Nearly two years ago DNA Production was ran, and the first release in its catalogue was Fosel's work called "Triangulum". Now, after sixty albums released, DNA Production proudly presents "Equilibria", the new release from Fosel. Stylistically this work is similar to "Triangulum" but a little bit deeper and integral. It has the same background, abstract sound spaces harmonious in its minimality. Spaces are different for each track but are always constructed from atomic and elastic sound waves wi...
Keywords: DNA Production; Fosel; Equilibria; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 258
[audio]The Large - Лестница (Stairs) - DNA Production
DNA Production release
Keywords: DNA Production; The Large; Ambient; Experimental
Downloads: 22
[audio]CrepusculaR - Chromgneticgnosis - CrepusculaR
Postapocalyptic world's heavy breathing, subway toxic darkness, tunnels tense silence and claustrophilia... Nightmare of last survival stalkers... ...Chromgneticgnosis - tinny taste of bunker dead air, close danger vibration, long wait, heavy breathing and headache... ...NTRN - intolerable horror switches mind off, endless run through tunnels, radioactive dust and dirty yellow light fall through breaches from above, intoxication, oxygen shortage, hallucinations and mechanical howling somewhere a...
Keywords: DNA Production; CrepusculaR; Chromgneticgnosis; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 257
[audio]Kolpakopf - МАЛГiЛ - Kolpakopf
Here is another beautiful and mysterious composition produced by Kolpakopf, Russian dark ambient project whose works were released by DNA Production last year. "МАЛГiЛ" is short but very intense and atmospheric dark ambient album. The title is just an artefact's name mentioned in Daniil Kharms' play "Makarov and Petersen". That's a mysterious book narrating about wishes and ways how to fulfil them...
Keywords: DNA Production; Kolpakopf; МАЛГiЛ; Dark Ambient; Industrial
Downloads: 197
[audio]Pharmakustik - Granular Computing - Pharmakustik
"Granular Computing" features radical new techniques in granular transformation of audio-particles, clinical rhythms and robotic voices for a powerful, innovative and harsh electronica-sound-perspective 2011. The album involves excessive use of new software and imposing plug-in-machinery.
Keywords: DNA Production; Pharmakustik; Granular Computing; Abstract; Electronic
Downloads: 1,465
[audio]Fosel - Triangulum - Fosel
This release continues Fosel's experiments in the ambient way. Full of crispy microsounds, "Triangulum" attracts with it's intelligent sound and composition.
Keywords: DNA Production; Fosel; Triangulum; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 285
[audio]Spanse - Sky - Spanse
The pieces range in style from minimal sonic landscapes, to huge hyper-chromatic compositions. Many of the works in this series use huge numbers of discreet tones.These are present often in the form of successive layers of large "tonal clusters", which add a very natural and otherworldly feeling.These techniques are achieved through a variety of processes, including custom software environments. Instruments are viewed more as tone generators, than in the traditional way.Sound sources include: gu...
Keywords: DNA Production; Spanse; Sky; Drone; Ambient; Sound Design; Experimental
Downloads: 182
[audio]Les Chemins Sauvages - Reprise Fragile - Les Chemins Sauvages
«I am staring at the white wall, the spider on the ceiling, the edge of the wood…». Clémence Pantaignan. Second act of «Wild Paths», Reprise Fragile is a piece which has been compared and played at the time of a long convalescence. Here, the high lands of Aragon disappear to give place to treatment, loneliness, the will to recover my wild roots in an urban and medical environment. Writing, Voice, Dance: Clémence Pantaigan Fields recordings: Hughes Germain, Jérôme Renault, Clémence Pan...
Keywords: DNA Production; Les Chemins Sauvages; Salvare; Ambient; Experimental; Abstract
Downloads: 246
[audio]Psy Virus & Controlled Insanity - Split - Psy Virus & Controlled Insanity
This is an experimental split release between Psy Virus from Puschino, Moscow and Controlled Insanity from Moscow (Controlled Insanity part of this split is the remastered version of "Into The Pit EP").
Keywords: DNA Production; Psy Virus; Controlled Insanity; Split; Experimental; Electronic
Downloads: 106
[audio]Marc-Henri Arfeux - Loire Abstraction - Marc-Henri Arfeux
Since the XVIth century, the river Loire has always been a poetic emblem in French culture and arts, for the beauty of its slow waters and landscapes. In the second part of the XXth century, the great painter Olivier Debré who lived on its banks often refered in his subtle abstract way to its moving lights and colours along seasons and hours. This album expresses my own tribute to Olivier Debré and his Loire paintings I admire deeply, in the form of a symphonic poem for synthesizers and variou...
Keywords: DNA Production; Marc-Henri Arfeux; Loire Abstraction; Ambient; Abstract; Experimental
Downloads: 433
[audio]Il Taglia - Selection - Il Taglia
"Selection" is a collection of songs that takes some important moments from long collections never released ("Exp09" and "Elec09", the first one starts from guitars, the second one from synths), plus one trip of acoustic guitars, banjos and echoes ("January 2009") and some quiet moments from "2008". A very spacey track released recording over and destructurating a song of a friend of mine...It's very emotional work...
Keywords: DNA Production; Il Taglia; Selection; Guitar Improvisation; Ambient; Experimental
Downloads: 102
[audio]CrepusculaR & Measureless Painting - Split - CrepusculaR & Measureless Painting
This split release consists of abrasive power electronics with lots of spoken word (in Measureless Painting part).
Keywords: DNA Production; CrepusculaR; Measureless Painting; Split; Noise; Power Electronics
Downloads: 120
[audio]Leere 86 - Leere 86 - DNA Production
DNA Production release
Keywords: DNA Production, Leere 86, ambient, post rock, lo-fi
Downloads: 7
[audio]Kirill Platonkin - Asleep In The Cold - Kirill Platonkin
The main thing that gave inspiration to create this album was awakenings in winter. It is the time when you open your eyes about at 6 o'clock in the morning and feel that sort of contradictory feelings when warmth and coldness are closely interwined. And you want to close your eyes again and to sleep forever, to fall into endless hibernation.
Keywords: DNA Production; Kirill Platonkin; Asleep In The Cold; Drone Ambient
Downloads: 436
[audio]Siegmar Fricke - Cerebrophonie - Siegmar Fricke
With this work Siegmar Fricke develops his experiments in abstract way using massive tape treatments. It was resulted in one lengthy track in subtly reverberating musique-concrete style.
Keywords: DNA Production; Siegmar Fricke; Cerebrophonie; Ambient; Experimental; Pharmakustik
Downloads: 135
[audio]Хладнокровье 616 & Applecore - Split - Хладнокровье 616 & Applecore
DNA Production presents another noise release: collaborative work of well-known experimental project Applecore and new noise project Хладнокровье 616 (Hladnokrovie 616). Album starts with long track written by Hladnokrovie 616. It consists of three parts and is full of dense abrasive waves of hollow and chaotic digital noise. Applecore contributed three tracks made in the way of classic noise collages: distorted rhythmes and melodies mix with noise fragments...
Keywords: DNA Production; Applecore; Hladnokrovie 616; Хладнокровье 616; Split; Noise
Downloads: 91
[audio]In Flagrante Delicto - Untitled - In Flagrante Delicto
This release is a compilation of published and unpublished records that were made in 2005-2007.
Keywords: DNA Production; In Flagrante Delicto; Untitled; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 73
[audio]Dasein vs. Ierophania - Krv - Dasein vs. Ierophania
This EP is the third chapter in a series of Dasein's works based on other projects tracks which were used by Dasein as source materials. Released at DNA Production, "Krv" reconsiders some songs of Russian cult industrial project Ierophania
Keywords: DNA Production; Dasein vs. Ierophania; Krv; Industrial; Dark Ambient; Noise
Downloads: 281
[audio]LN 313 & CrepusculaR - Stacautumn - LN 313 & CrepusculaR
DNA Production presents another split album. This time LN 313 and CrepusculaR share the release contributing three tracks and one long track, respectively. Russian one-man project LN 313 creates raw mix of abstract noises and lo-fi dark ambient with hollow underground sound. According to author, these tracks describe autumn's static nature. CrepusculaR's contribution is a long dark ambient track composed in usual CrepusculaR's way - intense, dense and multilayer, with strong noise influence...
Keywords: DNA Production; LN 313; CrepusculaR; Stacautumn; Dark Ambient; Noise
Downloads: 102
[audio]Bagryanii Schliach - Mamai - Bagryanii Schliach
Cossack Mamai is the meditating Warrior. Being lost at the boundless ukrainian steppe, he sits drowning at the magic sleep. The Space and the Steppe are contiguous one to another at his consciousness. This tie exists until the Wolf is awoke. The Wolf is the reverse side of the meditating Warrior. Until then, just as centuries ago, stellar wind blows over the Milky Way and the feather-grass prophecies about the million fates...
Keywords: DNA Production; Bagryanii Schliach; Mamai; Dark Ambient; Drone Ambient
Downloads: 138
[audio]Epsilon Eridani - Lamentos Lejanos - Epsilon Eridani
"Lamentos Lejanos" is the Epsilon Eridani second full-length album created for DNA Production. In contrast to debut work, new one is fully consist of fresh tracks. This release discovers new elements in project creativity. It has less standart dark ambient and more new age and light ambient features which become a counterbalance to massive noise structures pulsing on background and creating sound pressure...
Keywords: DNA Production; Epsilon Eridani; Lamentos Lejanos; Dark Ambient
Downloads: 517
[audio]Parikrama - Parikrama - Parikrama
Parikrama is an audible despair, sonic yearning, spectral dreams. This release is dedicated to David Parsons. Recorded in winter 2008/2009 at Mbira v.05. Samples were recorded by Etheocles Stevens. Record was mastered by Artin Mucht. This release is a part of "Short Drones " series - "Short Drones Part IV".
Keywords: DNA Production; Parikrama; Seetyca; Drone Ambient; Short Drones
Downloads: 223
[audio]The Large - Вода (Water) - The Large
The third The Large work in DNA Production catalogue continues with psychedelic worlds created by Finnish maestro. The same melancholic and introversive looped sound constructions are inserted in unevenly pulsating claustrophobic ambient spaces. Spaces where sound winds were caught and locked. The winds which cast in your face sometimes heap of rustling noises, sometimes scraps of somebody's conversation.....
Keywords: DNA Production; The Large; Вода; Water; Dark Ambient; Experimental
Downloads: 152
[audio]The Large - Лестница (Stairs) - The Large
Stairs... Winding staircases leading sometimes upwards, sometimes downwards. The way repeated over and over again. The way without end and without beginning... Finnish experimental project The Large presents new work fully constructed on psychedelic electronic loops interwoven with each other. It consists of four shaky and intricate structures with ambient inclusions which accentuate emotional line of the album - contemplation, estrangement, sadness and calm...
Keywords: DNA Production; The Large; Лестница; Stairs; Ambient; Experimental; Psychedelic
Downloads: 93
[audio]K-fon - Mental Landscapes - K-fon
Imagine world with different nature. Walk through a wierd land from the depth of your mind. Hope this album help you to do it. This album was recorded in winter 2009. Artwork was made by K-fon.
Keywords: DNA Production; K-fon; Mental Landscapes; Dark Ambient; Industrial
Downloads: 102
[audio]Numb Silence - Excelsior! - Numb Silence
Russian ambient project Numb Silence makes its debut on DNA Production with short work called "Excelsior!". The basis of this work is an extremely static and solid drone ambient. Inspired by "Excelsior!", a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, title composition has fragments of melancholic melodies floating in gloom and suppressing drone. The second one, "Air Of Bright Nights" presses a listener with its dark atmosphere where even rare melodies help to create an enormous picture of deserted space...
Keywords: DNA Production; Numb Silence; Excelsior!; Drone Ambient; Short Drones
Downloads: 228
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